Sharing with Otis and Virgil


Day three with Otis and Virgil ---- and it just gets better and better!  I'm so glad I have these sweet boys; I'd always thought I'd have miniature donkeys some day but instead fell in love with these standards.   They're about 10 hands high, 2 years old, and have such a sweet presence.  Aren't their markings beautiful? 

Here they're sharing a handful of sweet feed, a sticky, yummy molasses and grain mixture.  It's not really part of their usual diet --- it's a morning treat.  We raise hay here, and the donkeys graze their pasture and munch on their hay bales.  (I'm buying a big bag of carrots today.  I believe in healthy treats!) Their previous owner recommended the sweet feed to help them adjust to us.  And it worked!  The first day they were eating out of my hands, and yesterday they started following me around the pasture.  Otis (left) even let out a hearty hee-haw when he saw me this morning.  They have a nice cozy barn and most likely sleep right together.  They were raised together from babyhood.  There was a beautiful photo-op that I missed when their trailer arrived; I saw two sets of ears and eyes looking out at me, and that's when I knew I had to have them! 

Besides sharing their charming donkey-ness with us, they also share their pasture with rooster Fred Mertz.  My head rooster Ricky Ricardo has his hens to care for, and I suppose that Fred thinks that Otis and Virgil are part of his flock.

My donkey dreams have come true.  I celebrate that!


  1. They are indeed a sweet pair.And I've heard a perfect choice to keep the wolves and coyotes at bay.
    And just look you've got plenty of green grass too... still snow here.
    Susan x

  2. Hi Mary Ann--so glad your "donkey dreams" have come true. They are certainly a sweet pair. What a blessing that they've taken to you so quickly!

  3. Oh, Mary Ann...I've been under the weather far too long, and have missed some really fun stuff here, I see. What a wonderful pair they make - and I think you look fabulous with them! AND - roosters named Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz - you ROCK!!!! Off to catch up on a little reading tonight, while I've still got some oomph left in me today. XOXO Tanya

  4. Oh, this makes me so happy :) They are adorable. How lovely to have a friendly, loving "hee-haw" in the morning! I mean truly -- is there anything sweeter than having some animals that adore you and look for you to arrive? I know they will be a joy.