Critter News!

I have fallen in love!  I went to a donkey farm today.  That's Easter on the left, Betty on the right.  These beautiful little girls are half-sisters.  We're looking for miniature donkeys, and these are the first ones I've seen in my search --- and they just may be ours fairly soon!  Their owner doesn't want to break up this pair.   I wouldn't do that, either!  

Aren't they just the sweetest girls?  

Wow.   Spelled backwards it's still woW! 


  1. They are just so sweet and no you would never separate them..
    Let us know if they make their new home with you.

  2. oh my! They are just adoable! Will love to keep posted on this!

  3. SOOOOOOOOO adorable - I totally understand why you want them! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  4. I love their stocky little legs and their smiley faces. You're so lucky to have them soon (I hope)! What fun!

  5. Too too cute! Did they come home with you? xoox