Happy 80th Birthday, Elvis!

Jimmy Buffet pays tribute to Elvis in this video.  Elvis would've been 80 today. (My goodness, how time passes.)  I'm still a fan.   Enjoy the song, y'all!

Published again...

The folks at Somerset Studio magazine published my artwork in their January/February issue!  I'm excited!  The assignment was to use lavender, a real challenge for me.  I work so often in vintage shades of khaki, ivory, and black.  I'd created a similar piece for The Summer of Color 2014; I re-worked it for this particular piece.   So many of my mixed media pieces are nostalgic.   Lavender and gray worked well together here.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.  It's hard to see the details in the photo.

Little Shots of the Morning

Three quick pics of the critters this morning:

 Virgil, Otis, and Opie enjoyed a few handfuls of sweet feed.  They're normally still eating their big hay breakfast when the dog and I return from our morning walk around the farm, but they'll always stop for this snack.  Dear big boys. 
 Lucky the farm dog watches the chickens.  He's their friend and guardian.  Doesn't he look wonderful?  If you don't know his story, here it is in a nutshell; he came with the property, we're his third owners, and he's fourteen years old.  He's in perfect health.  He still runs like a wolf and leaps like a deer.  A German shepherd/ chow mix, he has the best of both breeds.  We're blessed to have him. 
Ernest T. Bass, rooster extraordinaire.  This photo doesn't show his colors well.  His breast and tail are actually iridescent dark green, and there are copper and burgundy patches on his wings and back.  Ernest T. watches his girls as they continue their morning routine.  He's a very serious rooster.  And he's really, really big!  We don't know his weight, but he is the biggest chicken I've ever seen.

My morning is always special.  I am so blessed to have all these beautiful babies!

Christmas with Friends

Merry Christmas, y'all.  May you have abundant joy in this most beautiful season!

Books by the Beach --- all done at last!

My latest miniature building is finally finished!  Hooray!  Here is "Books by the Beach."  Click on the individual photos to enlarge.

These little places are always fun.  This is my little "free library" put together with a simple kit.  It was actually a garage in its original incarnation!  Instead of a garage door I used a patio and French doors.  Those doors took some engineering; the opening was too big, so I used corrugated cardboard to simulate siding and added trim where needed.  I used scraps of old wood on the front and along the bottom.  (I save stuff like that.  When I'm out walking in the woods, I frequently look down.  There are treasures there!)

A sea gull's eye view of the interior.  Picture-taking today was a challenge!  The open roof was the only place I could get a photo of the whole inside.  You can see a table strewn with magazines, a book cabinet with nicely full shelves, and cool decorative items.  (I loved the oversized eyeglass frame.  I painted it brown with pink and aqua polka dots.)  There's a comfy rocking chair in the corner and a little lamp table.

In this photo you may be able to see the artwork on the far wall a little better.

I don't yet know what my next project will be.  I'm just glad this one has been completed!  What happens to these little places?  They are not for sale.  Actually, I don't think anyone but me would be excited enough to make a purchase!  I display them in my studio.  And then I look forward to my next project! 

If you'd like to see more of my miniatures, click on the page link "My World in Miniature" right under the header.  There are more nifty little buildings there.  I hope you enjoy them.

New Stuff!

A little stack of my new Fiesta Ware dishes - sunflower, poppy, lemon grass, turquoise.  I bought a four-piece set in each color but love, love, love mixing them for the table.  These were 50% off at Kohl's on Black Friday, a perfect time to buy.  When they arrived yesterday afternoon, I put them all out on the counter and admired these bright, cheery jewels for the kitchen.

I have two older pieces that I found years ago while antique shopping, a yellow sugar bowl and cream pitcher.  I'm not sure of their age.  The Homer Laughlin China Company started making these in 1936.  A lot of American households served meals on these colorful dishes; my parents didn't have Fiesta Ware, so I suppose I'm buying a part of my childhood that didn't exist!  Our favorite Mexican restaurant serves fabulous food on these nifty dishes.  I had to have some myself!

I rarely buy dishes.  My other everyday dishes are varying shades of white and ivory, and my wedding china is ivory with green and yellow and platinum rims.  (Yes, I use it regularly.  Every day is indeed a special occasion!)  These new dishes, though, are so sturdy and substantial and just plain fun.

Interested in the history of Fiesta Ware?  Right here:

Fiesta Ware



Sunrise on this beautiful morning, one of the reasons I am an early-riser.  Wishing y'all a blessedly bountiful and a bountifully blessed day.  Every day is Thanksgiving Day, you know!